Wednesday, 25 May 2016

solar led street light

Solar LED Street Light
Ø  Significant cost savings in avoiding to lay down electrical wires, distribution points, employing labor and doing away with digging hassles
Ø  High durability of solar panels and LEDs. Both solar panels and LEDs last for more than 10 years. In comparison, the conventional sodium and CFL lamps typically require replacement at least once every year
Ø  Close to a month’s time saved in newly constructed places as a result of easy installation  (feedback from builders)
Ø  Zero electricity cost
Ø  80% depreciation benefits
Ø  Environment friendly and easy disposal due to absence of harmful substances like mercury and lead
Ø  Less heat dissipation
Ø  Higher color temperature of light (purer form of light)
Ø  Carbon Credits and subsidies may be availed for large installations
Ø  Cleaner and Greener environment to breathe!

Solar LED Street Light Specification 
LED driver + solar charge controller
 Common circuit board which supports 6w to 42w solar LED street-light
 On board provision for varying output current and wattage
 On board provision for late night dimming mode
 LED driver type: Micro-processer controlled dual PWM DC-DC buck driver
o Minimum efficiency during full cycle: 90.62%
o Maximum efficiency during full cycle: 94.80%
Charge controller:
o Optimized three stage battery charge monitoring algorithm
o 10 ampere charging current capacity
o Battery low, load disconnect voltage: 10.50V
o Battery full, charging cut-off : 14.50V
o Short circuit protection
o Battery over charge protection
o Battery Deep discharge protection
o Solar panel reverse voltage polarity protection
o Battery reverse voltage polarity protection
o Software watch-dog for LED over current protection
LED status indications:
o RED continuous on: Battery low(battery voltage less than 10.5V)
o GREEN continuous on: Charging on
o GREEN blink: Battery full charge cut-off
 Dusk to Dawn functionality
 PCB dimension: 81mm x 61 mm
 We may provide GSM, Radio frequency(867MHz) or infrared connectivity to our lighting modules
for dimming/on-off/centralized control


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