Thursday, 26 May 2016

solar panel quality parameter

Solar module made by major six component.

1 Solar cell
2 EVA 
3 Glass
4 back sheet
5 Aluminium frame 

We look at one by one by one  quality parameter 

Solar cell.

A solar cell is silicn semiconductor material which convert light into electricity.  In the process of silicon to ignot to solar wafer to solar cell to solar module.
Its look Like below 

In the process of Solar cell we got solar cell grade like A Grade Solar cell B grade Solar cell and C grade solar cell.  by define solar cell grade we define efficiency of solar cell capacity to covert Light to electricity. particular grade define mA current per cm area.


EVA is sandwich layer between Solar cell. the quality of the define Solar module Life. law quality EVA use module power degradation.

 Back sheet

It is back portion of the Solar module. It help the module strength and durability.

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