Friday, 15 July 2016

Amrut Energy Solar LED Street ight

Solar LED Street Light

Solar street lights are raised light sources which are powered by photovoltaic panels generally mounted on the lighting structure or integrated in the pole itself. In the day time The battery charge by the solar module power and night the Solar LED Street light use power from the battery.  We offer inbuilt controller in the Solar LED Street Light by which the morning time solar street light turn off automatic and night turn on.

Component in Solar Street light.
Solar Panel
The Panel is one of the most important parts of solar street light.  It produces electricity from the sun light.  We offer high quality solar module. A grade solar cell, PID free, high efficiency.

LED Light.
Amrut Energy IS offer High power LED. It offers with high Lumens with dimming option. LED street Light come within built charge controller and protection like low battery cut off, full battery volt cut off, reverse polarity. Etc. Amrut Energy solar led light controller come with high quality electrical component and microprocessor controller base driver. Led street light driver has boost base technology.

Amrut Energy Solar street light offer two type of battery c10 and c20 In c10 basically tubular battery where you have to pour distil water every three year, it us long life with five year warranty. C20 battery come with maintains free SMF where you dint have to maintain the battery. In solar LED street light, we also offer Solar Gel battery which id life more than 5 year without maintains.
Amrut Energy Solar LED Street light offer two king of Solar street light pole one is the MS powered coated and One is GI Powder coated. Amrut Energy offer as per customer design. It also Solar LED Light battery box Panel Stand nut bolt and other accessary.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

How solar change the energy game

Imagine a night without light, without mobile or internet. we can not where all electrical power come from, coal and oil which is the most basic component behind the running electricity to motor. we all worried about the environment and global warming but since the beginning of the industrial revolution coal and oil is the king of the market. but now the scenario is changing like every thousand mile journey start with single step. same the energy sector making journey toward renewable energy where solar play important and major role.

If we look the above it clearly show that as per the cost of solar come down gradually and coal price goes up.  As per leading research the break even for the Solar and fissile fuel will be by 2018. mean whether you produce electricity from solar or coal price will be the same. 
Solar is the only technology where you can a light up a single bulb to ultra mega power plant. As globally people aware about the solar they are making there investment in solar energy.  in rural area  To lay down the cable and transformer it is time consuming commercially difficult  where off grid  solar play a major role. minimum cost easy to installation and maintenance.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

solar panel quality parameter

Solar module made by major six component.

1 Solar cell
2 EVA 
3 Glass
4 back sheet
5 Aluminium frame 

We look at one by one by one  quality parameter 

Solar cell.

A solar cell is silicn semiconductor material which convert light into electricity.  In the process of silicon to ignot to solar wafer to solar cell to solar module.
Its look Like below 

In the process of Solar cell we got solar cell grade like A Grade Solar cell B grade Solar cell and C grade solar cell.  by define solar cell grade we define efficiency of solar cell capacity to covert Light to electricity. particular grade define mA current per cm area.


EVA is sandwich layer between Solar cell. the quality of the define Solar module Life. law quality EVA use module power degradation.

 Back sheet

It is back portion of the Solar module. It help the module strength and durability.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

solar led street light

Solar LED Street Light
Ø  Significant cost savings in avoiding to lay down electrical wires, distribution points, employing labor and doing away with digging hassles
Ø  High durability of solar panels and LEDs. Both solar panels and LEDs last for more than 10 years. In comparison, the conventional sodium and CFL lamps typically require replacement at least once every year
Ø  Close to a month’s time saved in newly constructed places as a result of easy installation  (feedback from builders)
Ø  Zero electricity cost
Ø  80% depreciation benefits
Ø  Environment friendly and easy disposal due to absence of harmful substances like mercury and lead
Ø  Less heat dissipation
Ø  Higher color temperature of light (purer form of light)
Ø  Carbon Credits and subsidies may be availed for large installations
Ø  Cleaner and Greener environment to breathe!

Solar LED Street Light Specification 
LED driver + solar charge controller
 Common circuit board which supports 6w to 42w solar LED street-light
 On board provision for varying output current and wattage
 On board provision for late night dimming mode
 LED driver type: Micro-processer controlled dual PWM DC-DC buck driver
o Minimum efficiency during full cycle: 90.62%
o Maximum efficiency during full cycle: 94.80%
Charge controller:
o Optimized three stage battery charge monitoring algorithm
o 10 ampere charging current capacity
o Battery low, load disconnect voltage: 10.50V
o Battery full, charging cut-off : 14.50V
o Short circuit protection
o Battery over charge protection
o Battery Deep discharge protection
o Solar panel reverse voltage polarity protection
o Battery reverse voltage polarity protection
o Software watch-dog for LED over current protection
LED status indications:
o RED continuous on: Battery low(battery voltage less than 10.5V)
o GREEN continuous on: Charging on
o GREEN blink: Battery full charge cut-off
 Dusk to Dawn functionality
 PCB dimension: 81mm x 61 mm
 We may provide GSM, Radio frequency(867MHz) or infrared connectivity to our lighting modules
for dimming/on-off/centralized control