Tuesday, 21 June 2016

How solar change the energy game

Imagine a night without light, without mobile or internet. we can not where all electrical power come from, coal and oil which is the most basic component behind the running electricity to motor. we all worried about the environment and global warming but since the beginning of the industrial revolution coal and oil is the king of the market. but now the scenario is changing like every thousand mile journey start with single step. same the energy sector making journey toward renewable energy where solar play important and major role.

If we look the above it clearly show that as per the cost of solar come down gradually and coal price goes up.  As per leading research the break even for the Solar and fissile fuel will be by 2018. mean whether you produce electricity from solar or coal price will be the same. 
Solar is the only technology where you can a light up a single bulb to ultra mega power plant. As globally people aware about the solar they are making there investment in solar energy.  in rural area  To lay down the cable and transformer it is time consuming commercially difficult  where off grid  solar play a major role. minimum cost easy to installation and maintenance.

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